Every Week We Love To Change! 
Our classics are available every day, every week,
(Chocolates, Vanilla's, Red Velvet)
(Gluten  Free and Vegan are always available every 
day too! Call for Vegan, Gluten Free flavors of the day)
Here are the weekly specials!​​
April 24-30
Banana Split
Cookies and Cream
Birthday Cake
Chocolate Caramel Pretzel
Holy Cannoli!

May 1-7
​Salted Caramel
Black and White
French Toast
​Chocolate Raspberry
Strawberry Cheesecake

May 8 -14
Chunkee Monkee
​Crumbcake Cupcake
​Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocolate Chip Mint
​Brownie Surprise

May 15-21
Pina Colada
Maple Bacon
Holy Cannoli!

May 22-28
Snow Cone
Birthday Cake
Rootbeer Float
Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup
​Red White and Blueberry

May 29-June 4
​Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cookies and Cream
Banana Split
​Lemon Lime

Flavors of the Week

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Classics (Available every week)
These cupcakes are the most-requested and that's why we offer them every day:

Vanilla-Vanilla, Chocolate-Chocolate, Vanilla-Chocolate,
Chocolate-Vanilla, Red Velvet

Remember, it's always "cake first" then the "frosting".